Betty Boot Camp “We Can Do It!”

I have had my eye on the Betty Boot Camp classes at M3 Fight and Fitness in Montrose, CA for a while. Everyone seems to be having fun and working hard. And the results…they don’t lie! I see weight being lost and bodies getting toned. Everyone is sweating and smiling and sweating….how could I resist any longer? Last week, I finally jumped into a class to give it a try. Let me tell you, I had a blast and a really great workout!

The other ladies in the class were very welcoming and we even paired up for some of the exercises. The coach, Richard Rocha, kept things interesting by offering new exercises I’ve never done before and he was very encouraging to all the students to push themselves and succeed. That’s what’s most important when getting in shape or staying in shape – pushing yourself past the point of “I can’t do any more.”

This is why I believe so strongly in group classes. When a person exercises alone or at a regular fitness gym, they are likely to use machines and weights and an mp3 player. Where’s the fun? Where’s the accountability? Who will push you? I’m in pretty good shape, but if I’m left to do sit-ups or push-ups or a stair master on my own, I ALWAYS stop when I first feel tired or bored…and life’s too short to spend my free time on something that’s not fun. It’s the group effort, the teacher’s encouragement and the fun that drives me forward, past the point of exhaustion.

Anyway, Betty Boot Camp at M3 Fight and Fitness was well worth my time. I wasn’t sure if I could make it through the class, because they seem pretty intense, but with encouragement, I was pushed past my “I can’t” point and found out that I CAN!

You can, too! I highly recommend this class. If you’re looking to get in shape or just have some healthy fun and maybe even make some new friends, you should stop by and give a class a try. M3 Fight and Fitness has tons of classes, and they offer them all day long! What are you waiting for?

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