Stil Not Convinced M3 Fight and Fitness Is For You? Check Out Our Member Testimonials And How It Has Changed Their Lives!

"Training at M3 fight and fitness has made me a happier and healthier person." michale aure test photo NameMichael Aure ProgramsBrazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Muay Thai and Conditioning I'll be honest. College got the best of me. When I graduated from High School, I was 6'1" and about 185 lbs. and in good enough health. After graduating college, I was over 260 lbs., felt lethargic and unhappy. I started watching MMA, while still in college and thought "this looks amazing, but I'd never be able to do anything like that." After dwelling on that thought for a while, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and look up some MMA/BJJ gyms. Upon a friend's recommendation and after research, I decided to give M3 fight and fitness a shot. Thus far, it has been one of the best decisions of my adult life. After less than a year, I’ve dropped down to 230 lbs. and I hope to continue to lose more weight. You might think this is a result of becoming a "gym rat" and giving up other aspects of my life, but the truth is, all of this has been accomplished by going in 2 to 3 days a week! I believe my weight loss would be greater, had I not put on some muscle mass as well! In addition to the physical transformation, I feel more confident, more energetic and generally much healthier and happier. The gym has a communal feeling and talking to people and becoming friends outside the gym just became natural. The coaches are respectful and learn quickly how much each individual needs to be pushed. You never feel intimidated by any of them, and they are very aware of everyone's skill level and help you progress in a manner suited to you. Because of this, it makes me want to train more and get better. I never had aspirations of competing, but I know that If I ever do, the training they provide would make for a great base. I have become a better, more confident, happier person because of this place.

"I am 38 years old, down 60 pounds from 6 months ago and 4 medals up and cannot be happier!"

  Name: Dave Geiselman Programs: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

 My name is Dave Geiselman, I began M3 in June of 2012 and at that time I was 240 pounds. In the time I have been at M3 I have lost over 60 pounds and joined the school primarily to compete. I have been doing submission grappling for a little while and what I wanted to do was compete. I joined their competition team, auditioned and made it. Thus far I have been in 3 tournaments for M3 Fight and Fitness and just brought home a GOLD MEDAL today at the NABJJF no gi tournament in Carson. I am 38 years old, down 60 pounds from 6 months ago and 4 medals up and cannot be happier. If you are looking to train, looking for a school, looking for a family, M3 Fight and Fitness is it! Come on down join and take a look and see what they have!

"Nothing Really Compares To The Workout You Get Here."

  Name: Ankineh Programs: Women Only Brazilian Jitsu and Muay Thai I am a second year law school student and I just started coming to M3 Fight and Fitness. Everything from MMA Conditioning to Jiu-Jitsu, Women's Muay Thai and boxing. I basically love it here at M3 Fight and Fitness because the environment is great, everybody's here to help you learn. I've done a lot of other work-outs before like soccer and basketball, running, lifting, but nothing really compares to the workout you get here. It pushes you to your limits and a lot of times it pushes you even further than that. The instructors are great, they teach you how to do everything correctly and they push you and motivate you to comeback often. Honestly every time I come here I don't want to leave and I am just excited to come back every day! The women's only program here is great, because a lot of times when you go to the other gyms, you are usually the only woman in the classes or one of the very few...so by having classes here just tailored for women, it's great. If you want to get your basics, or if you are shy about facing other guys, you have an opportunity to just basically compete with women and learn with women and I think the group here is really tight. We all push each other to do our best and it's just a great environment to be in. I think I was worried about coming here and maybe not feeling like I fit in here right away because everyone would be so advanced or ahead of me in just the information and the knowledge that they already had. But everybody here was just super welcoming and just wanted to help me out. So any fears that I might have had before starting totally disappeared after the first day. I was a little timid about doing Jiu Jitsu and just I wasn't sure if it was for me, but after taking one class it ended up being my favorite thing and now I love doing Jiu Jitsu and it's my favorite part of working out here at M3 Fight and Fitness. So yeah, the 30 day free trial is actually for real, it's a great opportunity for you to basically just come in see what classes you like and if you're anything like me you might end up liking everything and just stick around the whole day. Of course, if you only want to come to one class and just try it out you can do that too, but trust me you'll want to sign up. Training at M3 Fight and Fitness is just basically, it's kind of a new life style you just end up loving it and takes over, but in a good way!

"Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Has Changed My Life!"

Name: Steve Programs: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has changed my life! When I first started training here a little over a year and a half ago, I weighed in at 336, right now I'm at 270 and I'm going to keep coming. It's unlike any other work out you've ever experienced and just being with other people that really understand and really want to help you get better. That’s what it's all about.

 "It’s Good For Your Soul, It’s Good For You!"

Name: Alicia Programs: Women Only Boot Camp Muay Thai I like taking classes because they've given me something to kind of focus my energy and my like spastic brain waves that happen, it's just kind of grounded me. It’s a major stress reliever. It's fun, super fun and I'm getting stronger and healthier and I can feel that, but just above all of that, is, it’s just like a good, it’s good for your soul, it’s good for you. Something for me that I'm doing for myself and no one can really take that away, it's good!

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"Martial Arts Has Changed My Life Completely!"

Name: Armando Programs: Mixed Martial Arts, Striking, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (instructor and student) Martial arts has changed my life completely. I used to be one of those bad kids that went out, partied, wasn't too good sometimes. And I remember when I had my daughter I was getting into martial arts pretty heavily and because of martial arts I was able to get away from all the bad things and learn discipline, honor and respect. So I think it’s really helped me in my every day to day life even with jobs and anything i was looking at it through a perspective of martial arts or MMA where you know if I can go in there and put hard work in and really try and give it my all, it’s going to pay off in life, same principle if you go into an interview or job, you go in there you do your best you try your hardest and even though you fail sometimes you know it doesn't mean you have to stop or quit, you just keep trying and trying until you accomplish your goals and I think it works both ways in the martial arts or the real world or anything. In terms of physical benefits, I'm 35 and I feel like I'm in great shape right now. I've done a lot of training throughout my years and I've always told anybody that I've come across that you know you need to keep your body healthy and young and martial arts is a great way to do that. Cause it focuses on more than just the big muscles that most people use. It focuses on your little fast twitch muscles and all the little muscles that you use to keep your core, your balance and I'm 35 and I feel great.

"This Is Our Home Away From Home!"

Name: Brad Programs: Youth Martial Arts and Teen MMA (parent of two) My kids Sam and Max have been training here for about almost a year now and they have progressed really nicely in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and they've been able to take Muay Thai. They love it here, and we love it here. Their confidence has improved greatly, even with other sports like soccer. They just really love the environment, they love meeting other kids, they love competing, they've competed a couple times, done very well. They just feel more sure of themselves. It is very positive, very kid centered. It's very just mutually supportive, all the kids all support each other. And so that’s why they've just really thrived here, because of that. This is our home away from home."

"This Is Like No Other Gym I’ve Been To!"

Name: Harry Programs: Striking and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I take Muay Thai, MMA and Jiu Jitsu. I like the striking and the technique. It's really good cause I can punch, but not right obviously so they teach you how to and control it. It's a lot of fun and a good work out. I definitely have better cardio, and weight loss… I think I've lost about 20 in a short 2 1/2 months. This is like no gym I've ever been to. It's not, there's no egos, there's no real competition trying to outdo each other. Everybody's here to help each other and everybody's trying to get to the same goal.

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"Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Has Changed My Life!"

  Name: Cassia Programs: Youth Braziian Jiu-Jitsu Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has changed my life. It’s taught me to conquer my mistakes and overcome them and try to create more stamina and strength. And it’s helped me to make more friends.

"It Has Everything You Need To Get You In Good Shape!"

Name: Charlie Programs: Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (student and instructor) The Wrestling program is awesome. It has everything you need to get you in good shape, you know get you feeling confident and ready to go, you know? It’s all about timing, explosive power, and the mental aspect of it too. You know not willing to give up, not ready to break, you know. It's definitely a good base for you know your groundwork. It definitely helped me, I wouldn't be a blue belt as quick as I you know as I got if I didn't have wrestling as my background. It's definitely a cornerstone of any MMA game or any ground game.

"Did You Lose Weight Over The Holidays? I Did!"

Name: Cecily Programs: Women Only Boot Camp Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Physical Conditioning Did you lose weight over the holidays? I got asked that question like five times when I went to work on Monday and the answer is yes! Yes I did. I lost 8 pounds and I lost 8 it over the holidays. I spent the holidays at M3 Fight and Fitness. I trained everyday. Everyday that I could train I was in there and M3 is a great place for that because they have so many different classes to choose from. I wasn't bored. I could mix it up. One day I could train Muay Thai and the next day I could do some Jiu Jitsu. I could train women's only classes I could do some wrestling I could do some conditioning, I could do it ALL!!!! So that was really exciting for me, but the other thing is that I had the motivation to actually go in and train and the motivation wasn't actually anything internal, the motivation was the overall atmosphere at M3. It was exciting. The students were great. The students who train there are awesome. I made some friends, I developed some friendships while I was there. Umm because no one ever treated me like I was an outsider coming into their turf or I was a women coming into the boys club or anything like that. It's a really friendly atmosphere um again a lot of my training partners were super supportive, they were there for the same thing, that’s to get better at Jiu Jitsu, to get better at Muay Thai and to just over all become a healthier individual. The other thing that contributed to the motivation was it's a clean training facility man! And that makes a huge difference like I don't want to roll on dirty mats and I don't want to roll or I don't want to use different equipment that hasn't been wiped down or cleaned in a long time or it’s falling apart at the seems. So M3 they also have a wonderful training facility and then just the icing on the cake is the instruction. The instruction there is wonderful, I learned so much during the time that I was there from these wonderful athletes who would spend time with me, to correct me if I was doing something wrong or to make sure that I could get the technique down, sometimes I'm clumsy, sometimes I'm a space cadet. Nobody ever hesitated to spend that extra time with me and then they also had this wonderful ability to push me to make sure I was getting everything out of the work out that I needed to get um and uh that was great. The result was I lost 8 lb's over the holidays. So while people were sitting around gaining weight maybe being the status quo I was out at M3 Fight and Fitness being motivated by the atmosphere and losing weight so I owe you guys a lot thank you so very much. I'm very honored to have that experience and I can't wait to go back and train with you again. Happy New Year everyone! NOTE: At the time of writing this, Cecily lived out of state. Cecily loved M3 so much, she moved to LA! She is now a regular and even helps teach some classes.

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"I Have Trained At Other Facilities And This Is By Far The Best Training I’ve Had!"

Name: Daniel Programs: Mixed Martial Arts I train here at M3 Fight and Fitness over in Montrose California. Great training facility. I have trained at other places for Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts, but this is by far, BY FAR, the best training I've had, we offer a lot of classes. Rudy's always available. whether you are going to take a class or not, you come and hit the bags, enjoy yourself and get a nice workout in. And I really love it. I live right up the street, very convenient for me and I'm having tons of fun. One thing that’s sick about M3 Fight and Fitness, right off the bat was the variety of classes I was able to take. I wasn't just being sent to Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai or Kick boxing or whatever. I get the full package that is given here at M3 Fight and Fitness. Just the variety of classes just really opened my eyes and just being able to understand and learn the full Mixed Martial Arts game. It has everything that I'm looking for actually. You know if I just want to come in and get a good cardio work out I mean it's here, everything that I want is here at M3 Fight and Fitness.

"They Want To Invest In You And Know Who You Are."

Name: Evan Programs: Striking (Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Boxing) I've trained on and off for the past couple years, and I've never had a solid foundation of trainers behind me and working with me throughout the stages of stand up until now. I train in mainly all stand up, all the stand up classes they have boxing, the Muay Thai and Kick Boxing and the striking skills where they break everything down and stuff, and sparring days as well. Training not only makes me, well makes you confident a little bit but it gives you a goal, sets a goal in front of you, and you just go after that goal, especially with people here. I mean they just they want to push you to, if you want to become better, they'll tell you what you're doing wrong what you're doing right, what to stick with and what to leave out, and what you can add to it that might benefit you when you're fighting against another person you know and you don't have that one on one instruction most places. M3 Fight and Fitness by far is, how do I say this, one of the most emotionally, not to sound anyway too emotional, but one of the most emotionally investing gyms I've been to, you get to know everyone here which is very rare at most gyms. I'm not very friendly with most people, but when I finally got here and I got to know people, I opened up a lot and I got to know a lot of people here and they're funny. I love these guys here and in a weird way they're my family. And they want you to improve whether or not, not even just in the gym and athletic wise, but like in life. They want to know if you succeed or if you fall or something is going on with you. They want to invest in you and they want to know who you are. You don't really have that most of the time at other places. They just have people yelling at you with a whistle that’s over weight. The instructors here do the workouts with you and they know what they are talking about so it's rare to find that. Since I've been training I've lost a little bit more than 90 pounds. I was at 240 and I was just going up a slippery slope and finally just wanted to not only look better but feel better and I might as well learn something while you're at it, so I started training. The one important thing that they helped me realize here is you need to set a goal for yourself and whether that is to go the next day and not eat carbs or something like that or you actually set foot in a gym you have to set foot in a gym that’s a step towards that goal and everything's like a journey. That first initial step is part of that journey. They'll tell you exactly what you have to do here and it's almost funny that you have a personal trainer here and someone that’s gonna train you in Martial Art which is, you can't really get that at one gym you know but you have it here. It's easy to say that I love training here it's like not only have they emotionally invested in me, but I've emotionally invested in this place. And I mean I've never had that camaraderie with any other gym or even some of my friends. I come in here wanting to know how my instructors weekends were and you know I care about them and it's strange to have that cause I've never had that before, but now that I do it's something I never want to let go.

"It’s Just Changed My Life For The Better!"

Name: Chris Programs: Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and PhysicalConditioning  There's a lot of different benefits for me, conditioning health, just the sport itself is something I've really liked doing and it’s just changed my life for the better. I wasn't very athletic before and I was really unhealthy and now that I've actually started training you know I'm getting into shape I feel better. It’s just making me a lot happier in life. There is a lot of good instruction, a lot of good technique. I've seen a lot of other MMA schools and this one really stands out to me, It's a family friendly place, good atmosphere and it's teaching me a lot.

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"It’s Just Awesome, Nothing Else To Say About It!"

Name: Gabriel Programs: Mixed Martial Arts I am a part of M3 Fight and Fitness. This gym has changed my mentality to be a strong person mentally and physically. I've lost about 13 pounds within 3 weeks. The programs here are pretty cool. Everybody is friendly, nobody judges you, you learn very quickly, and the coaches and staff are very friendly, very nice. You know if you have any problems, they'll teach you. It's just awesome, nothing else to say about it, it's just awesome. " NOTE: Gabriel travels several hours and passes several other facilities to train at M3.

"I’m Kind Of A Girly Girl And I Still Love It!"

Name: Jamie Programs: Teen MMA TEEN MMA! Best class ever. I love that it's like social I think like one thing, but obviously it's an amazing workout and like everyone is so nice and welcoming. I'm kind of a girly girl and I still love it! And like everyone is just so nice and I made so many friends and my brother does it so we can do it together and it helps me relate with him a little more. I sweat like crazy and it makes me feel so good after. And I'm learning, I feel like I'm more able to defend myself and I'm getting so much stronger. And I'm like OH MY GOSH, it's all good.

"I Think That M3 Is Perfect!"

Name: John K. Programs: Striking and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (student and instructor) I think that M3 is perfect! It meets your expectation as an MMA gym, just because we have a wresting coach, we have Muay Thai instructors, and we do have Rudy who's a perfect Jiu Jitsu instructor who will tell you everything about an arm bar or like a simple sweep. The atmosphere is friendly, but at the same time, it's you who can make it intense, it's up to you, you could just hop into a class and just learn a simple drill, a simple movement or you could actually come here and spar or grapple with one of our students who will push you if you just want them to. M3 like I said before, you can, if you're just like a part time student who has a job you could come here and you could get a great work out or for someone like me who is a part time student and have a job but I'm also trying to compete this place is perfect because we do have the instructors but we also have the facility. We have the punching bags, we have the mat, we do have a part of a cage so it's perfect-- like we have everything for you. If you are on the fence, I would say just go and try it out you have nothing to lose just because first of all it's free, it's a free trial, if you don't like it you don't have to come back, but most likely you will like it, just because everyone is friendly and if you want a great work out everyone is here to push you.

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"I’ve Lost Like 50 Pounds!"

Name: Jonathan Programs: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I take the Judo and the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. My stamina, both here and at work, has gotten a lot better. I can stay on my feet for 8 hours no problem. And I actually have started to lose weight. I ‘ve lost like 50 pounds!

"I Can Defend Myself And Not Be Worried About The Aftermath."

Name: Kris Programs: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts I’ve been doing MMA Striking and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but mostly Jiu-Jitsu. Most of the fights end up on the ground and everything so that’s why I got into it more. And the cardio you get from it and experience you get from it. Everyone dogs each other where I live, and if someone says something, it's not like I am looking for a fight but like if someone was to start a fight with me, I can defend myself and not be worried about the aftermath.

"I Should Have Done It A Lot Sooner!"

Name: Kyanni Programs: Teen MMA and Women Only Martial Arts Im 16 years old, I do the Jiu Jitsu class, Muay Thai class, and the Teen MMA class here at M3 WHOOOOO and I love it! I should have done it a lot sooner, like I'm such an idiot, I thought I was in shape, but you're not in shape until you do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. HAHAHA. Just try it and give it a week or two and you'll just love it.

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"It’s A Very Safe Place For Young People!"

Name: Mark Programs: Teen MMA (parent of two students) Joel tends to be a little bit ill-disciplined and very impulsive and loves video games, but now he seems to be getting the concept of making goals and setting plans to meet those goals in his Jiu Jisu and his striking arts. Jamie is a big surprise because she is very artsy and loves to draw loves to create and read and about three months ago she decided she wants to come and try it out and her favorite class is the Teen MMA class. This is a girl who is 114 pounds who couldn't really knock out a butterfly, but she's starting to get the muscles in her legs, like women type muscles not many type muscles, but just being toned in her arms and the legs and she loves the social aspect of the club as well. She also just told me herself before we came here tonight she said dad you know when I go out on my own now say in a parking lot or wherever she said I don't feel the fear that I did 3 months ago you know I feel like I could you know literally do some self defense if I was you know attacked or bullied in any way. It's a very safe place for young people!

"They’ve Treated Me Like I’ve Been A Student Here For Years!"

Name: Mike Programs: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I am visiting Southern California from Washington State. Came to Southern California which is arguably the Jiu-Jitsu mecca of the United States, my plan originally was to visit several schools in Southern California, go...you know Dojo hoppin'. I came to M3 fight and Fitness first, it’s not my first time going to another school to train. My experience has been that when you come train jiu-jitsu from another school, people size you up...they'll be friendly to you...but they'll size you up and when you roll, they'll try to take your head off. Quite honestly my experience has been very different at M3 Fight and Fitness from my previous experience. They've welcomed me with open arms here. I have been here for three days, I didn't follow my original plan of going dojo-hoppin' They've treated me like I have been a student here for years...and I have only been here for three days. Prior to coming here I didn't know any of the students here, but now when I come back to Southern California I feel like I have a home gym to train at. I definitely like it here. Something that I have been pleasantly surprised by here is that...sometimes gyms have themes, some gyms may be very competition driven, some may be family-oriented, some gyms are pro-gyms with really hard core guys, here I see all of that. There is a guy here that is fighting in a couple of weeks, I see families training here, I see kids training here, I see competitive guys training here. What I have also noticed is that, to back track a little bit here, it not to say that the training wasn't challenging here, because the training was very challenging. It pushed me, but it wasn't brought upon me in an aggressive way where I felt like I was going to risk injury or anything like that. I really appreciate that from the students."

"You Have To Do The 30-Day Trial!"

Name: Nicole Programs: Women Only Martial Arts and Adult Striking I had a 30 day free trial and it was great! I got to see a little bit of everything, I got to come in whenever I wanted and try out a little bit of each class and I had fun from learning from each class during that 30 day trial. I think that is what convinced me to sign up. The first time, I walked in and I was like 'people are getting their butts kicked. I was so scared. I didn't even want to come in at first. But once you come in, you meet the people they're so friendly, they're great to work with and they just teach you everything you need to know. They tell you things you want to hear and how to defend. They do it with such calmness and respect, that you just feel welcomed and it's great. I am in a lot better shape and I've met so many people. I've learned so many things. As long as I am not working, I am here. You have to do the 30-Day Trial! You seriously have to, to know what it is it feels like to be in here. It is a great experience and you won't ever regret it!

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"Families Definitely Come Together at M3!"

Name: Yvette Programs: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (student and parent) I've been training for about 5 years and I started out with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which I fell in love with instantly my very first class, which I tried on a whim. I never in a million years thought I would try any martial arts at all and I just fell in love with it. I just thought this is the best thing ever. So immediately I started taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and not to long after that I started taking Muay Thai. My four kids come here as well. They are 16, 13, 10 and 7. That’s one of the things I really like about this place… we can come as a family and enjoy the facilities, there's something for everybody, young and old, not that I'm old. And we really have a chance to be close in proximity, but do our own thing and it gives us a sense of family closeness. And the environment here is very family friendly so it doesn't bother me to have the kids around, there's nothing but friendly, supportive people training here and working here. It's hard to pick which I like more, I don't think I could I definitely enjoy aspects for both. Prior to training I was very shy, couldn't speak in public, couldn't look the camera in the eye so to speak, and now thats just not so. I'm nobody’s doormat anymore, that's nice and I definitely wouldn't want to stop for anything I quit drinking coffee, and chocolate, and chips but not this! Before I started training here at M3 I didn't really do any sports or definitely nothing organized. I would run a lot and I would do just regular training at a gym on machines and I considered myself to be in very good shape. So when I started training here, my first day in-fact I thought this is going to be a piece of cake-- it's just another class, but it killed me! It was totally awesome, totally fun but it killed me. I couldn't believe what a tough, awesome workout it was and the next day I was in pain, sore muscles literally, everything had been worked out, every muscle in my body. Just muscles that I've never used before. It’s phenomenal. And it's also really fun to see women who wouldn't other wise be interested in fighting, just say wow I just got a really cool combo down I can kick somebody and punch them and they don't necessarily want to go around beating people up but they are learning something that will help them in self defense and again with confidence and most of them are coming in for fitness purposes and of course it's going to take care of all that. Families definitely come together here at M3. Training here with my family has helped the kids, I have four children, they all get along much better and get to spend time together, where school separates them because of their age differences. Their actually able to train in many of the same classes here.

"I’m Always Looking Forward To Coming Here Everyday!"

Name: Sam Programs: Teen MMA and Youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I take teen MMA, I sometimes take MMA, I sometimes take Adult Jiu Jitsu and sometimes I'll do the Youth Jiu Jitsu with my little brother. I'm always looking forward to coming here everyday and yea I have a good time. I really love doing this and I want to keep doing this until you know until I can do it professionally hopefully.

"The Muay Thai And Kickboxing Is A Ridiculously Good Work Out!"

Name: Seth Programs: Mixed Martial Arts I take MMA, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I've lost weight and my clothes smell way worse, ha ha! Just from every class I come home and my shirt is like completely drenched with sweat. This is the best work out there. I don't even go to the gym anymore cause I don't have to. Plus I like that I get to learn how to fight if I ever need to. And I like coming home with bruises. That’s always fun. I've gotten faster on some things like learning how to duck and just other stuff like that and learning how to block I've gotten a lot better at. I'm learning more ground work, which I really want to work on more. The Muay Thai and Kickboxing is a ridiculously good work out! I come home and my abs are like screaming cause Anthony makes us do like 15 mins of ab work at the end. So it's just incredible. Everyone here is really friendly and it's just really fun to come here and you can pretty much start from nothing and people will work with you on learning stuff. It's not ridiculously expensive, it's fun, and there's a plethora of classes.

 "I Want To Make It All The Way To Black Belt!"

Name: Weston Programs: Youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I’m nine years old and I have been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for three years. I'm currently a yellow belt four stripes. I’ve competed many times and most of the time I've gotten first place, but mostly I like training because it's good for self defense for school if there's bully's or something like that. I like training here cause there's good people here there's nice coaches and nice people. I want to make it all the way to black belt!

"Heard Enough?"

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