My Martial Arts Training Got Me Hired!!!

Really? Did she just say that? YES! The martial arts training I have received at M3 Fight and Fitness in Montrose, CA got me hired!

No, I did not walk into the job interview and beat anyone up or scare them with my AMAZING muscles! So, how did my training get me the job? CONFIDENCE! That’s right…I walked into the interview and controlled the situation. I told them I wanted the job, and they gave it to me. People like confident people. They figure you know yourself best and if you don’t think you’re AWESOME, why should they? People who exude confidence get what they want…and I wanted this job!

But haven’t you always been confident? NO! I have always been the most timid person in the room. Furthermore, I’ve always allowed everyone else to have their way…Being nice is good, but being a door mat can get old over time. Gaining confidence has truly changed every aspect of my life.

How can someone gain confidence by training martial arts at M3 Fight and Fitness? Well, I’m sure there are quite a few reasons, but for me, there are two key reasons I have gained confidence at M3.

The first one is that I have struggled and overcome obstacles in training that I never thought I could. In situations where I previously would have said “I can’t,” I now say “I’ll try,” and ultimately succeed a lot of the time. In not getting pushed hard enough, people gain a synthetic victory, which does not lead to confidence. I’ve been able to try things that truly seem impossible and succeed! That feels great!

The second reason training at M3 has given me confidence is that I have gained a sense that I could defend myself if need be. This feeling is very empowering, and I can’t think of any way to gain this except with some sort of martial arts training. The quality of training that is offered at M3 Fight and Fitness has provided me with great technique and physical ability to fight off a would-be attacker.

I owe so much to my martial arts training at M3 Fight and Fitness and I would NOT trade it in for ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

If you are looking for confidence for yourself or your child, M3 Fight and Fitness has the programs you need. The School’s motto is: “Whether your mission is to be a champion or to just improve yourself, we are all one team working together to reach our goals.” Those aren’t just words. M3 Fight and Fitness is a life enhancing facility. And it has been life changing for me!

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