M3 Fight & Fitness October 13th,2012 Pankration Murrieta, Ca OG 11 & Metamoris Pro

Coming to you live from M3 Fight & Fitness which serves your martial arts needs in the greater Los Angeles area of Glendale, La Canada, La Crescenta, Flintridge, Tujunga, Verdugo City, and Pasadena.. I’m super stoked for this weekend because of our teen competitors. We have 5 amazing teens who are stepping up and heading into the competition realm. The following coaches are also coming along to support our competitors: Charlie Burkhour, Yvette Aguirre, Myself, and Rich Kamrin.

Here is a list of our teens fighting this weekend, We have: Kyanni Aguirre, Cedric Abad, Joel Speakman, Oscar Morales, and Tristen Farias. They have all worked very hard and I can only see an amazing future for them in their martial arts career. Tristen’s dad was also nice enough to do an amazing photo shoot for our teens and the pictures were amazing. We even used one of the shots where he added our logo which we use as a main piece for our flyers and main facebook page!

So on with the more technical details, the competition is hosted by Grappling X and will be located at The Fight Lab 30033 Technology Dr #101 Murrieta, Ca 92563. This Pankration competition will be one to remember…..OSSSS! Here’s a little history behind this competition “Pankration ( /pæn.ˈkreɪti.ɒn/ or /pæŋˈkreɪʃən/) was a martial art introduced into the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC and founded as a blend of boxing and wrestling but with almost no rules save disallowing biting and gouging of the opponent’s eyes. The term comes from the Greek παγκράτιον [paŋkrátion], literally meaning “all powers” from πᾶν (pan-) “all” + κράτος (kratos) “strength, power”

Another important event I would like to mention is the Metamoris Pro which will be located near the Pankration competition on Sunday at Viejas Arena, SDSU, 5500 Canyon Crest Dr, San Diego, CA 92182. If you have any questions on viewing this event at home, or driving to see it please get into contact with me via our facebook page or on the comments section of this post.

Dont’ forget UFC 153, Silva vs Bonnar. Hopefully we make it back in time to catch the fights 🙂

I apologize for the short post, but trust me…more posts and even more interesting things to come.

The facebook page photo
Shots done by Tristen’s Dad.

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