Fox 11’s “Good Day LA” is coming to M3 Fight and Fitness!

In preparation for the debut of the UFC on Fox, the Fox 11 morning news program “Good Day LA” will be visiting M3 Fight and Fitness to learn the ins and outs of the Mixed Martial Arts through our unique “MMA is for Everyone” approach. It seems that our humble little gym in Montrose, CA (near Glendale) is attracting lots of buzz. We don’t believe in creating a shark-tank environment like many other gyms… we want every student regardless of age, skill, and fitness level to thrive. Why? All of our instructors have experienced the same life-enhancing changes we hope to pass on to each of our students. Whether its losing weight, self-defense, competition, or just beating the boredom of the gym we are the place for you!

 It’s that approach that attracted Fox 11 so be sure to watch… or even better come on by to join a class. If you are not already a member, give us a call at (818) 564-7839 to start a free 30 day trial! 

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