Did You See Us On “Good Day LA”?

Fox 11 Reporter Bob “Bobby D” DeCastro brought his crew with him to visit our awesome gym last Friday for a live spot and the results were amazing to say the least. Things went so well, they stuck around for a second segment the following hour. Bobby D came by to get a quick intro to the world of Mixed Martial Arts, but he got a whole more to say the least!

In case you missed it, here’s the first live spot:

Good Day LA- “Bobby D Gets An MMA Beatdown!

And here’s the 2nd live spot:

Bobby D visits M3 Fight and Fitness part 2

Please let us know what you think and please share with your friends. Thanks to all of our mazing students for coming out and helping make everything go so smoothly!

If you saw the spots and want to find out more about all that we have to offer, send us an email through this site or call (818) 564-7839 to get started with a FREE 30-Day Trial!










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