Tani Otoshi causing catastrophic injury (NSFW)

Recently John Danaher posted a few techniques he bans from being performed in his class:

Kani Basami: The scissor throw

Jumping guard

Tani Otoshi

I had a clear understanding of the dangers for first two and never have my students perform them at my academy. The third technique, Tani Otoshi is one that did not cross my mind as dangerous and have actually taught many times until recently. A few months ago one of my students was injured and will be going into surgery for ligament repair to one of his knees. This had me rethinking the use of this technique by my students and is something that should be considered by all instructors. If you are unsure on what kind of damage can be done, take a look below and maybe rethink who and what level should be allowed to do the technique.

Tani otoshi gone wrong (nsfw)



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