Nicky Ryan Leg Lock Entries Urijah Faber Polaris 10

Photo of Nicky and Urijah match up at Polaris 10
Polaris 10 was an interesting card. I’m not completely certain why Urijah Faber accepted a match against Nicky Ryan, but from what I’ve heard it sounds like he loves competing.

This match up garnered my interest because I wanted to see how an elite MMA fighter would approach a guard specialist like Nicky. There was a lot of talk about how Urijah was roughing Nicky up with what looked like combat jiujitsu at one point, but what caught my eye was the leg lock set-ups by Nicky during their match.There were 2 leg lock entries that Nicky locked in, and I was impressed with the speed and technique he was able to pull on someone like Urijah. The first entry occurred at roughly 10:51 of their match and during the end of the exchange was able to lock the inside sankaku with double leg control and a heel hook attack. The heel was a little too close to the meat of the forearm and Urijah was actually able to turn his heel out. 

After further exchanges in the position, Urijah was able to roll out of bounds and escaped after the reset. Below you’ll see a breakdown of first entry into the position.

The second entry occurred in the last 10 seconds of the match. With the clock running down, Nicky was able to secure the inside sankaku again. This time he had a much better heel hook locked in closer to the end of the forearm and wrist where the heel was less likely to slip out.


I wish there were more time in the match to see if he could have gotten the finish. Still, another impressive set up and overall win by the jiu-jitsu technician Nicky Ryan.

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