M3 at Grapplers Quest 11/17/2012 Las Vegas, NV

On November 17, 2012 M3 Fight and Fitness made a trip to Las Vegas Nevada for Grapplers Quest. The world Series of Grappling was presented by Grapplers Quest, Gaspari Nutrition and Tapout.

The competition was holding both gi and no gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

We had 5 competitors and all caravan drove down from Montrose, CA Friday night (11/16/2012) to compete the next morning. We left our academy at 7:45 pm and arrived around 12:00 am.

At 8:00 am everyone weighed in and made weight. The competitors were: Tristen Farias, Arden Gharadaghi, Coach Charlie Bo, Oscar Morales, and Garret Waltzer. Tristen competed no gi beginners teen level and earned a bronze medal, Coach Charlie competed intermediate adult and won silver no gi, Oscar competed teen gi beginner and won gold, Garret competed both gi and no gi advanced teen level and won two gold medals, and Arden competed gi white belt and won silver.

Our competitors really worked hard to earn these medals. We drove out with 5 competitors and came back with 6 medals. More medals than competitors really shows their hard work and dedication.

M3 Fight and Fitnesses Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program (in Montrose, CA) has really come a long way since the ownership change in 2012 and we can really see the improvement!  Everyone who wishes to compete, we will be the academy that will support you. If you don’t want to compete, we are still here to support you! We’re not just a gym, but a family and a team. Come visit and leave any comments below 🙂

Pictures and videos will be posted soon! OSS!

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