If jumping guard is still legal, this should be too.


bjj illegal slam

We should do everything within our power to avoid the guard jump and to avoid knee injury. Blocking the jump or any other technique available should be used to avoid any injuries. What about after the person jumps closed guard and they beat our defenses?

I find it highly unacceptable that we not only have to avoid knee injury from this incredibly stupid move, but that we have to also maintain this persons safety after the jump.  Reference our previous article for some cringe worthy injuries.

If jumping guard isn’t going to be made illegal then allow slams. If a person is now aware that they have the potential to be dropped on their head and ass, they might think twice about doing it. I’m not talking about slams from every position. But if people have to risk leg and lower back injury by holding their own weight and someone else’s after a person just flew through the air like Jordan from the free throw line, then we shouldn’t have to ensure that persons safety after such a stupid move.

Just my two cents take it or leave it. For all you out there that claim slamming is too dangerous and that we might as well start adding strikes, how about this? Just make jumping closed guard illegal.

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