First Teen Only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class in Los Angeles!!!

Last week on Oct. 17th we had our first ever teen only BJJ class. We had Garrett (one of our teens) put together a sign up sheet and it was a huge success! Our first class had 8 people show and this number is looking only to grow.

We decided to make Garrett an assistant instructor for this class. His enthusiasm and love for the sport can be easily seen by anyone who trains with him.

The teen BJJ class started off with Garrett commanding the warm ups followed by some basic techniques with the gi such as the cross choke from mount. We had him do a walk through and help out each set of people with the details of the moves. Training ended with smiling and sparring ūüôā

It may sound like a typical class, but the energy and enthusiasm really shined. You can tell other teens are really excited at the prospect of becoming an assistant instructor. It shows them that there is a chance for them to one day become an instructor themselves!

BJJ with the gi was something that the teens seemed to think was not important and boring in comparison with MMA. After the Pankration tournament with all our medals, the teens realized a top notch grappling game is essential since all of our wins were by submission or ground control.

The next teen BJJ class is coming up tomorrow on 10/24/2012 and we’ll be sure and post our attendance numbers to prove that this program will only be growing OSS!

Below you can also see our teens competing at the Pankration tournament earlier this month.

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