From drug addiction, to Pan Am medalist & teacher how BJJ saved my student

In BJJ there are a lot of stories out there that lead with “how jiu-jitsu saved my life”. Stories can range from many walks of life.  Whether it’s being the overweight person who got into shape, to the insecure guy whose life has improved dramatically with the confidence from training.

Everyone loves to hear stories about the underdog’s come back, the beaten down who get back up and climb their way back out to get on top of the world.

My student Chris Pike is the embodiment of this.

Chris Pike BJJ Pan American Silver Medal

From struggling with: drugs, alcohol, unhealthy relationships, homelessness, gangs, and violence.  He has made the comeback we all love to hear and see. When life said no, discovering BJJ gave him the strength to get up, push back, and choke the hell out of life. In this short documentary by Matthew Davis Hickney “The Academy Doc” and score by Hans Twite, you will get an inside look on his journey and see for yourself how BJJ saved his life.

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