COVID19 Digital Zoom Classes for BJJ and Muay Thai

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Good Afternoon M3 Family, We wanted to let you know that we are beginning a digital program for our BJJ and Muay Thai programs.

For our active members, you will have access to these classes which will be sent out via email with a code for Zoom. We will have our first class this Tuesday at 6:30 pm for BJJ 7/28/20. We understand the COVID19 situation isn’t improving like we would have wanted and it may be going on much longer than we originally anticipated.

We want our students to continue to progress and get their deserved ranks. We will have members join zoom classes and follow instructions live while instructors check on student’s techniques through video. For those that attend we will make sure they get credit so we can count them towards rank. We encourage people who join to find a large space to drill the moves live with the class.

If you have mats we suggest you use them whether they’re yoga mats or gymnastic mats etc. Carpeted areas should work as well.  We will start off with our solo foundational drill program for BJJ. As time progresses we will find a way to get a body to do actual moves that you can drill at home with someone from your immediate household.

The first class this Tuesday will be free to everyone and we will second out a second email with the meeting code. Starting Thursday we will limit it to active members only. We suggest you have an active and correct email.

If you want to reactive your account simply give us a call or email us at 818-564-7839.  You can download zoom on your smartphone or simply use a tablet or laptop etc.

We hope you can all join us this Tuesday!

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