COVID 19 Restricted Opening 6/15/20

M3 Friends and Family,

According to LA county, fitness facilities will be able to open starting June 12th. We are currently in progress with outfitting our facility and staff with the means to deal with COVID 19.

Due to heavy restrictions to reduce the spread of the virus we must follow government guidelines to be open which in turn will impact the way the gym is run.

Upon arriving at the gym, students will be checked with a touchless forehead temp thermometer and asked a series of questions to ensure they do not have any symptoms. One person may enter the gym at a time and you must wait outside after each person is checked in.

The lounge area will not be available for use during the pandemic per government regulations.

Our class schedule will be reduced due to a lack of support from the government and significantly reduced income, but we are trying our best to keep as many classes as possible. This will go back up over time as we gain back our student base. We will have a reservation system for all our classes. Please go to our schedule link and you will be able to reserve a spot. If unable to access our site you can call or text us at 818-564-7839 to reserve a class slot.


Walk-ins for training will not be permitted nor allowed. The reservation system is set for 48 hours ahead. This means you cannot book reservations for the entire month in a single day. For example you cannot reserve a class on Monday then for the following Monday. If you plan to train, please reserve the day of or day before.

Our estimates show that a maximum of 4 people in the front mats and 8 in the back mat and 1 person in the weight area. Spaces will be taped and coned off on the mats so that members can maintain a 6ft distance between each other during training. Unfortunately if classes are full, you would need to wait for the next class with available slots.

Partnered training will not be allowed and workouts will all be solo based in designated spots until we are able to get a system in place of testing and buddy based systems. Free sparring with different people will not be allowed until all COVID 19 restrictions are lifted. Any person found not obeying any of the rules set in place will be asked to leave.

Sanitizing will be performed between every class so please account for classes starting slightly later to accommodate for this.

Hand sanitizing stations, foot sanitizing stations, cleaning wipes etc will be placed throughout the gym. If you use any weights or gear we urge you to clean them after you are finished using them. The staff will do their best but a team effort is required.

Loaner gear will be discontinued for all members and potential members until COVID 19 has cleared.

All staff and members will be required to wear masks while at the gym. Again following all governmental rules set forth for our industry.

Private lessons with instructors will require the student to take a COVID 19 test and will be up to the discretion of the instructor to accept the lessons depending on their personal situation.

We understand this may sound frustrating but our school will not be able to open or stay open without following these orders. Being open for restricted training is better than no training at all!

These are not requirements we are making up but simply adapted for our gym from the following guide from the government which can be found at ttps://

All Los Angeles County residents also have free testing available which can be found here

COVID-19: Free Testing

The final requirement to train during the pandemic will be a specific COVID 19 waiver which can be looked over and signed upon arrival after June 12th.

We highly suggest students get tested. Proof of a clear background for COVID 19 will allow us over time to match up potential students with each other who can keep in communication and eventually lead to partnered training!

This was a long read but we sincerely appreciate it and your support. Thank you!

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