As most of you know we voluntarily shut down before the government orders and want to do everything we can to help our community anyway we can even at the expense of losses.

PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS. We are continuing to respond to the the situation as it unfolds and will follow government regulations. We have decided not to continue with small group training.

We will still be doing private lessons if instructors make the choice to do so after sufficient screening is done such as: being quarantined at least 14 days and no signs of sickness such as cough, fever etc. This is in line with the strategy and messages coming out of political leaders at the state, federal and to some degree, local level.

The idea of slowing the spread in order to not overload medical and other systems is the only way to cope for being inherently unprepared for a pandemic such as this and protecting those who may be susceptible.

I believe the timeline will continually change as the experts in bio-security have stated that this may as well go into the summer but will watch on a daily basis following government recommendations.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated as it is the only way we will be able to survive this pandemic but do understand family, your well being, and your financial security comes first.

There will be a few options if you wish to continue to support us during these trying times, though not much it’s the best we can do with a quarantine.

1. Keep your billing going as normal and do nothing. These payments will be added to your account as credit. You can use the credit at any time or if you don’t use it, it will simply activate on your final month.

2. We will give you 1 private lesson per two weeks that you are billed that you can use now (only if meeting said quarantine minimums above) or when the government lifts the lock-down.

3. You can freeze and we’ll reactive when the quarantine is lifted.

4. Cancel your account. We sincerely hope you don’t but completely understand.

5. Request any item from the gym online store each month you support us (this may or may not be possible depending on if supplier is able to fulfill due to the pandemic)

We will do our best to put out online content, but due to tighter government restrictions this has become difficult and may become more difficult as time goes on. If you have any questions about technique, or anything gym or martial art related, you are more than welcome to reach out to our instructors for one on one discussion as long as you are still an active member. Thank you.

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