Dear M3 Friends and Family,
It appears we were notified by Newsom during the last press conference that we will have to shut down again by government orders effective July 13th since LA county has been on the watchlist for the virus.
We understand how frustrating this can be and hope to weather the storm to make it through this pandemic.
We know asking to continue to support us when we are closed is a lot to ask but if you can it can help us make it through the other end. If you can’t we 100% understand since we are all impacted financially by this. We will list again the options below that you can take:
There will be a few options if you wish to continue to support us during these trying times, though not much it’s the best we can do with a quarantine.
1. Keep your billing going as normal and do nothing. These payments will be added to your account as credit. You can use the credit at any time or if you don’t use it, it will simply activate on your final month.
2. We will give you 1 private lesson per two weeks that you are billed.
3. You can freeze and we’ll reactive when the quarantine is lifted.
4. Cancel your account. We sincerely hope you don’t but completely understand.
5. Request any item from the gym online store each month you support us (this may or may not be possible depending on if the supplier can fulfill due to the pandemic)
We will do our best this time around to supply you with technique videos from both the BJJ solo drills we have been working on and solo striking work. Thank you very much to all of you who have been able to help and support us up to this point and the future.
Updates can be found directly from the gov as always from

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