Closure and Reopening

To All Our Friend and Family,

It is with a heavy heart to notify you all that we will be closing down our facility at 2613 Honolulu Ave. But this is not the end so please read through!

After closing down mid-March we have been unable to open for business to date which is now over 6 months and it is impossible to pay our bills without being open.

We appreciate everyone that has supported us through this tough time and wish we could persevere but without any governmental support and loans that fell upon deaf ears, we have come to our limit.

Any future opening that the government will allow will only be a fraction of the capacity and socially distancing for grappling and striking is a difficult proposition to offer customers.

This does not mean the end of our school. We plan to go into storage to minimize any further financial losses and opening at a new commercial location nearby once vaccines are available and businesses are allowed to operate normally.

We believe this is the best option so that we can keep our community safe by not spreading COVID-19 and sustaining what we have left to start again before its too late and we go under completely.

Our digital programs will continue through the months until COVID-19 has been resolved and we can operate normally again. We hope this will service our current members and members using credit and will offer added benefits to them when we can open again such as the private lessons and free months at the new physical location.

The continued support of these members is what is keeping us afloat and is allowing us to make the comeback when this is all over!

We hope you are not discouraged and continue to follow us so that we can all get back on the mats together and build our team back up!

Be safe everyone, it is not the end but a chance to start new after this is all over. Thank you all!

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