7 Steps For The Straight Jacket Back Control

Back control in Jiu Jitsu is a very powerful position. It has various ways to attack submissions so let’s check out an alternative back control, the straight jacket from Gordon Ryan under John Danaher.

1) Fall to the under hook side instead of the over hook side. Why? The under hook can’t be pulled over the top of the head and keep your head tight prevents the person from getting their back to the mat to escape.

back control straight jacket falling to under hook side

2) You topside body triangle or for the shorter legged friends, get one foot on the hip and one leg across. Go one on one on the under hook side. Attack a single arm rear naked choke with your over hook arm.

back control straight jacket body triangle arm trap neck attack

3) Attacking the neck will get you a predicable response and make it easy to grab the hand when they try to counter to isolate it.

back control straight jacket feed top arm to bottom arm

4) Feed and pass the arm to the bottom under hook.

back control straight jacket pass arm to bottom arm

5) After feeding to top arm to the bottom under hook release and hunt the bottom arm with the over hook. You should now how a straight jacket control.

back control straight jacket locked in

6) Hip out slightly to change the angle and trap their arm with your foot. This leaves one of their arms trapped with your leg and the other trapped with the other arm. Go to two on one on the bottom side arm. You now have both arms out of the mix.

back control straight jacket trap arm with leg and two on one bottom arm

7) From this point with the bottom arm trapped with your under hook and the top trapped with your leg, you attack with the following: RNC (rear naked choke), arm bar and triangle from the back.

back control straight jacket triple threat attack rear naked choke, arm bar, triangle from the back

This is an extremely powerful position with an array of attacks. Hopefully this sheds some light on the straight jacket position from back control, good luck working the position! Any tips or comments? Let us know!

Edit – Featured article on BJJEE! https://www.bjjee.com/articles/7-steps-danaher-style-straight-jacket-back-control/

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