5 Ways to Improve Your Jiu-Jitsu

5 ways to improve your jiu-jitsu  

After doing jiu-jitsu and receiving my purple belt in just three years of training people asked me how they to can reach higher levels in shorter time. While part of it has to do with me coming from a wrestling background part of it is hard work and trying many different tactics. Here are what I believe to be the five essentials that you can use to up your game in no time.

1) Consistency

Consistency is the foundation of training. You have to show up to class if you want to get better. Even if you’re tired and sore try to power through it. Sometimes the days you don’t feel like being there are the best days to train. Usually after your done you feel proud of yourself just for showing up to class and not to mention if you go to class and someone else isn’t who do you think is going to get better?

2) Drilling

Drilling is a key component to getting better as well. Even though it can be mundane and boring at times it helps to build muscle memory. We all know when we are in the heat of the moment of sparing or competition it’s hard to think and we just react. By drilling we make sure those reactions are the right ones. Ever hear of the 100 times rule? It goes something like this: if you drill something 100 times you almost understand it. So do it and then do it again.

3) Flexibility

Felxibility tends to be overlooked. This is super important for a number of reasons. For one, being flexible helps us with our dexterity which in turn also aids us in setting up our offense and defense more effective. How many times have you said to yourself “I almost had that triangle but I couldn’t lock my legs.” Or “the reason he passed my guard was because I felt a strain in my back during that stack pass.” Stretching before and after class also helps prevent injury and aids in recovery.

4) Visualization

Visualization is a great way to train when you’re not on the mat. Whether it’s meditating about what you did right or wrong in class, keeping a journal of the techniques you went over that day, or watching videos of great jiu-jitsu players in your spare time, keep your mind active and focused on the game at all times.

5) Ego

Get rid of it! To many times this can get in the way. Good practitioners never become great because of this. They won’t roll with someone better than them in fear of being submitted so they never work defense. They always want the tap so they work the same position and same attack and in turn they never expand their game and get frustrated when their bread and butter doesn’t work. If they get submitted they never come back to class because they let pride get in the way. Don’t hinder your growth by having a head that’s bigger than your heart.

Whether it’s physical or mental both aspects of jiu-jitsu are important. Try applying these five principals to your game and watch it grow!


Coach Charlie Bo

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