5 Amazing Tips to Improve Your BJJ Game! Part 2

5 Amazing Tips to Exponentially Improve Your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Game! Part 2

In our first part of our article we discussed the first 3 tips of our 5 amazing tips. That was: drilling, goal setting, and cross training.

Those 3 are a great start, but to come full circle we needs tips 4 and 5.

#4. Use What you Learn

Whenever you take a class and learn a technique or two and drill it, how often do use it during your sparring that day right after learning it? The fastest way you are going to get better at that move is to use it. If you learn a Kimura from closed guard and it was your first time, get your partner into your closed guard and attempt to attack with that move. If you catch the move, great! If not, you then have more intelligent questions for your BJJ instructor. You will no longer have the, “coach I can’t finish my moves.” You’ll notice things such as how your opponent is preventing you from getting into the position or preventing you from setting up your attack. In turn your instructor will be able to give you tips and advance your game. Remember, learn your moves then use them, it’s the fastest way you can advance that move.

“Use what you learn or your BJJ game will sit idly on the sidelines while your teammates and opponents leave you in the dust”

#5. Study Outside of Class

Training and coming to class is the first step to getting better in your BJJ game. In order to advance your BJJ game, you will need to study outside of your regular training sessions. There are tons of resources for you such as: youtube, facebook, books, articles, dvds, and much much more. If you have a certain position you’re working on, or just learned a technique, look it up and do some research and see if you can pick up any variations or details you may have missed or just a different way to finish and set up all together since it will be taught by a different instructor. When we have the same person teaching us day in and day out, sometimes you start to lose focus and pay less attention to detail. Reinvigorate your though process by checking out these resources and learn different styles.


Always remember, there are tons of ways to advance your game. If you implement these 5 tips, your game will advance exponentially. These aren’t the only tips, get out there and try to pick up some tips of your own!

If you miss part 1 it can be found here: https://m3fight.com/5-tips-to-help-exponentially-improve-your-bjj-game/

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