4 Things BJJ People Say & Do

4 Things BJJ People Say & Do

1. I weigh about…..

By far the #1 thing all guys exaggerate in BJJ, wrestling or any sport where weight matters. Guys are like female models that feel the need to lie about their weight all the time. If you ask any guy who trains how much they weight, add 5 pounds at the minimum to get the right weight. Most of the time they tell you the weight they are after a hard training session while in their underwear. Come on guys, what’s your actual weight when you walk around during the day?

2. How Long You Have Been Training?

How long you been training dude? Love this one; you hear this all the time when a higher belt gets tapped by a lower belt. “Oh man, you been training two years and still a 1 stripe white belt?” says the purple belt that got tapped. Another great one is when a higher belt says, “I haven’t trained in over a year” right before you roll. LOL! Don’t make excuses as to why you might tap, just train. No shame in tapping.

3. Let’s Just Flow Roll….

One of the biggest lies you hear all the time. Sure, it may start as a flow in the first minute, then it just turns into an all-out competition match, usually with the lower belts. Higher, brown and up you won’t see this as much. But you get two blue belts who start flowing, it starts to turn into “power flowing” a term dubbed on a specific student of ours “Diesel”. Power flow guys?

4. Check Out What I Saw On Youtube

Yes, the YouTube heroes. Don’t get me wrong, watching videos are great way to expand your game and to see different techniques out there. But white belts that come in and tries to do a berimbolo variation they saw on YouTube and get it completely wrong, come on bro, not the best way to improve your game. Best approach is to show your instructor who can then break it down for you or to let you know if it’s even a legitimate move. More important, if you can’t escape closed guard, side control, mount, back or can’t pull off a simple tripod sweep why are you even attempting this?

There are tons of other things BJJ guys say and do, even the most experienced of us have done some of these. Leave a comment and post some of the things you hear or see guys do!

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