4 Inverted Heel Hook Entries

Previously we reviewed the inverted heel hook and some details behind controlling and finishing the submission.

If you’re having difficulty getting into the position of attack, we have 4 entries to get into the inverted heel hook.

The first entry into the heel hook is from standing. The move is actually made famous by Masakazu Imanari who has used it numerous times in his MMA career. It is known as the Imanari Roll. Execution is done from standing before engaging and attacking from a distance. You roll your shoulder, hooking your outside leg across the thigh. You bring your second leg through to underhook and lock your legs in position to finish the heel hook. You can also see Ryan Hall attacking this position in his recent TUF and UFC fights.

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The second set up to the inverted heel hook is from knee on belly. When you are on the receiving end of knee on belly, underhook the ankle with your bottom arm. Use the outside arm to quickly press your opponent away and make space for your leg to swing over the top. Remember to not leave the arm out long enough to be open to an arm bar. Under hook and triangle your legs to lock in the position to finish the inverted heel hook. Below we see Ben Stark preforming the set up.

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Third set up for the inverted heel hook is off of the knee cut pass. A lot of times while attempting this pass, an opponent might have your legs trapped tightly and you cannot kick your leg free. Instead of back stepping into the long step pass, step into the inverted heel hook. Take a shorter back step and bring your knee inwards to trap the legs in place. Sit back while controlling the leg. Do not make the mistake of falling flat onto your back. This could result in your opponent coming up to defend against the attack or even escaping. Kenny Lovetere preforming the set up below.

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Live competition execution of set up.

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The fourth set up for the inverted heel hook position is from top half guard. Fight and prevent the underhook of your opponent and press his arm downward to prevent him from blocking your step over. Underhook the leg tightly with your free arm and step over and slide your knee under their legs. Release the hand trapping the arm and use it to base. Triangle your legs and lock in the position to attack the inverted heel hook.

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Trapping your opponents arm is not a make or break for this set up. If they have the underhook, this will not stop the set up. Below you will see a live execution while the opponent has the underhook from half guard.

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These are just 4 ways for you to get into the inverted heel hook. Do you have any set ups that you like? Let us know!

If you haven’t seen our article on controlling and finishing the heel hook, check it out here https://m3fight.com/blog/3-tips-to-control-and-finish-the-inverted-heel-hook/

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4 Ways to Set Up The Inverted Heel Hook

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