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The Right Philosophy

When we say we’re a life-enhancement facility as much as we are a gym, it isn’t some sort of gimmick. Despite its undeserved violent reputation, Mixed Martial Arts can be a powerful tool in effecting positive change. Students not only lose weight, get in shape, and learn potentially life-saving skills, they build confidence, develop a strong body and mind, and develop mindset traits that serve them well in all areas of life. Maybe that’s why it’s not just the fastest-growing sport in America (according to Sports Illustrated), workout gurus such as Jillian Michaels from “The Biggest Loser” listed it in Time Magazine as the one workout she’d choose if she could pick only one workout regimen. All this doesn’t mean we’re running fad exercise programs. Classes at M3 Fight and Fitness are geared toward the individual. We will be there every step of the way with you on your journey with friendly, supportive instructors and fellow students who are encouraged to follow suit. Whether your mission is to be a champion or just improve yourself, we are all one team working together to reach your goal!

The Right Team

Yes, we are all one team… and that includes you. But the cornerstone of the team is our staff of Instructors, Trainers, and Consultants. Each class is now taught by the highest level of instructor available and hand-picked for a combination of teaching ability, real-world practical experience, and warm personalities. At M3 Fight and Fitness, we understand that not everyone wants to be an elite athlete but we will provide you the guidance and atmosphere to reach your own personal goals. When it comes to fitness and self-defense training in the La Crescenta-Flintridge/Glendale/CV Foothill area, we are your best choice in terms of quality and value. Every Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class is taught or directly overseen by experienced and international tournament-tested black belts… even the Women Only and Kid’s Classes! No other training academy in the area can make this claim. Our Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA instructors have literally trained and fought in every corner of the world… including Thailand, Japan, Korea, Brazil, and the Middle East… and brought home some impressive titles along the way! While the Fitness and Conditioning programs we offer are as perfect for beginners as they are more elite athletes, our trainers are constantly seeking out the latest and greatest techniques and equipment to produce real results for weight loss and functional strength. And of course, we have several on-site Fight and Fitness Consultants who can help guide you on your journey. While not all are expert instructors and coaches, they all have been in your shoes and can work with you to keep you focused on your goals and objectives. Unlike traditional gyms where you’re just another contract or traditional martial arts schools where you only matter if you are a top competitor, we look at each person who walks through the door as another opportunity to change a life for the better not an ATM. And while we do have personal trainers available for an additional fee, think of every Instructor, Coach, and Consultant as a free bonus personal trainer of sorts. It’s just another way we separate ourselves from everyone else.

The Right Facility

Founded in 2010 at the site of a more traditional-style MMA school, M3 Fight and Fitness set out to combine the best of the martial arts and fitness worlds into one. The heavy emphasis on three core principal- movement, momentum, and mechanics – inspired the name. Starting with basic upgrades to a modest space, the school student count has exploded. This has enabled many more improvements to the equipment and facility. And as the student count increases, so does the re-investment into the facility. Today, the well-maintained and exceptionally clean facility is among the most versatile in the area.

Combined with the experienced and encouraging coaching staff, we’re not really sure why anyone would train anywhere else!

  • Insane Class Schedule With Over 70 Classes Per Week
  • Access to Facility For Personal Use Of Equipment
  • Over 2000 Square Feet Of Mat Space And Growing!
  • Conditioning Equipment Options That Increase Almost Weekly!
  • MMA Cage Panels For MMA And Self-Defense Training
  • 9 Heavy Bags And Grappling Dummies
  • Speed Bag And Double-Ended Bag
  • Wide Array Of Striking Pads
  • Full Selection of Free Weights and Kettlebells
  • Comfortable Lobby and Waiting Area
  • Parent Viewing Area
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Ample Parking In Front Of And In Back Of Facility
  • Several Televisions Used As Teaching Aids and For School Events
  • Fully Stocked Pro Shop
  • Shower With Complimentary Clean Towels and Toiletries
  • Laundry Service and Equipment Rental
  • Three Changing Rooms
  • Safe Storage For Personal Items And Bags
So tell us again why you haven’t registered yet for your 8 day pass, FREE PRIVATE LESSON, FREE FITNESS EVALUATION, FREE GOALS CONSULTATION, FREE TECHNIQUE VIDEOS, and FREE T-SHIRT yet?

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