Coach Mike Verdugo Judo/BJJ

Coach Mike Verdugo

  • Over 39 years on the mat as a competitor, coach & technician
  • Studied in Japan, Russia and the United States
  • State, National and International Coaching Experience
  • Past Director of USA Olympic Development and Cultural Exchange Program
  • International Traveling Teams Team Leader
  • First Coaches in California to promote women in Wrestling
  • Created First Women’s 3 time National Champion
  • International Level Experience in Collegiate & Greco Roman Wresting
  • Judo, Combat Judo, Sambo, Freestyle and Jiu-Jitsu
  • Currently
    • 6th Dan Rank in Judo
    • Active Wrestling Official
    • Sensei at Pasadena Kodokan Dojo at M3 Fight & Fitness

Coach Danny Vaughan

Danny Vaughan Sparring

BJJ GF Team Black belt under Master Julio Cesar Pereira

And Judo brown belt under Mike Verdugo

Coach Kathy Long

Kickboxing, Muay Thai Instructor


Long was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and was raised in Sunny Mead, California. Later, she moved to Bakersfield where she trained in martial arts under Eric Nolan, who was her manager and trainer throughout her kickboxing career.

Long has acted in numerous movies, and was Michelle Pfeiffer’s stunt double in Batman Returns.[3] Long provided commentary at the first Ultimate Fighting Championship event.[4] On August 15, 2009 she made her debut in mixed martial arts, defeating Avery Vilche.
Long currently lives in Los Angeles where she teaches martial arts at Azteca Training Center, which she co-owns.[1]

 Martial Arts

Long is a practitioner of the martial arts. She began her training in the Japanese art of Aikido, eventually earning a black belt in the system. Long would go on to earn a black belt in Chinese Kung Fu San Soo, eventually reaching the level of master in the style. She would train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the Machado family, as well as in Kali, and Wing Chun Kung Fu.[3]

In the 1990s, Long was inducted into several sports hall of fames. These would include the Bob Elias’ Sports Hall of Fame, Inside Kung Fu Hall of Fame (“Female of the Year”), and the Black Belt Magazine Black Belt Hall of Fame (1991 “Women of the Year”). She has appeared on the covers of 35 magazine.[5] Between 1994 and 1998, Long authored a monthly column in Black Belt Magazine.[3]
Long is the co-owner of Azteca Training Center in Los Angeles, where she teaches Muay Thay kickboxing and Kung Fu San Soo.[1]


Long became a professional kickboxing, and one of the top female fighters in the sport’s history. She compiled an impressive 18-1 record, winning 5 world titles in the process, and earning several nicknames including the “Queen of Mean”, “Princess of Pain”, and “The Punisher”.[5]

Some of her ring career highlights include wins over Ramona Gatto, Bonnie Canino, Japanese star Kyoko “Kamikaze” Miyazaki, French champion Dani Rocard, Canadian champion Nora Daigle and two defeats over Denise Taylor. Her only loss as a professional kickboxer came in a Muay Thai match with Britain’s Lisa Howarth at Pickett’s Lock near London in February 1990.[5][6][7]

 Mixed Martial Arts

On August 15, 2009, almost 16 years after she provided commentary for the very first Ultimate Fighting Championship, Long made her MMA debut defeating fighter Avery Vilche by decision at Call to Arms promotions Called Out event in Ontario, California.

In preparation for her debut Long trained with Betiss Mansouri and Romie Aram at Millennia MMA, Gokor Chivichyan and Gene LeBell at the Hayastan Academy, Ahmad Reese and Lisa Twight of Gym Jones, Javier Vazquez at Universal Martial Arts Center, and with Muay Thai and strength conditioning coach Maria Morales.[8]
[edit]Titles and Honors

Hall of Fames

Black Belt Hall of Fame (1991 Woman of the Year)
Black Belt Hall of Fame (1992 Full Contact Fighter of the Year)
Inside Kung Fu Hall of Fame (1992 Female of the Year)
Bob Ellas Kern County Sports Hall of Fame (1996)


2x KICK World Kickboxing Champion
1x WKA World Kickboxing Champion
1x ISKA World Kickboxing Champion
1x WMAC World Kickboxing Champion

 *source: Wikipedia

 Coach Chris Hillseth

Started training Judo in 2011 under Mike Verdugo . Currently holds a Brown belt in Judo. Within 2 months of beginning Judo training he started competing . He regularly competes and coaches in Regional ,State and National judo competitions. Along with 1 International combat Jiu-Jitsu tournament in Saint Petersburg Russia where he took bronze. Competitions: 30+ wins in Novice Divisions White-Green Belt (2011-2013) 12 wins in Brown-Black Belt Divisions (2014) -Bronze at the 2013 Eurasian Combat Jiu-Jitsu Championship in Saint Petersburg Russia -Gold at the 2014 Nikkei Games at the Long Beach Pyramid (Brown-Black Belt Division) -Gold at the 2014 Golden State Games (Brown-Black Belt Division) Certifications: -Safe Sport Certified -Credentialed as a Certified Coach from The United States Judo Association

Coach Leo Reyes


Leopoldo Reyes has 9 years of training in Muay Thai, kickboxing and boxing under world champion Kathy Long. He has Competed in jiu jitsu, judo, boxing, kick boxing and full rules Muay Thai including full rule Muay Thai fights in Mexico. He has a purple belt in Judo under Mike Verdugo, and has won gold and silver in judo. He also holds yellow belt in kung Fu San Soo under Kathy Long.

 Coach Yvette Aguirre

 Coach Yvette

Coach Chris Mann

 coach chris profile